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Christmas is upon us and many of you might not even have thought of putting up your decorations yet, right? Well, I am not one of those people. Still, I fell it is my duty to help you guys out when it comes to decorating your homes for Christmas. As you all know I love decorating homes when festivals are near. Don't you guys love decorating homes as well? And even if you're not an avid decorator, you still hang up a bauble or two right?. Well, what do you have in mind this year?  Are you thinking of something unique? or is it just gonna be the usual decoration you use every year? Just forget about those this year and follow my advice, and trust me you would love it. Decorating homes using Laser Lights for Christmas solves all your decor problems.

Projectors are the best products when it comes to decorating places urgently. You can get a projector at a good price and stop worrying about your light decorations for a long time.  Not only this, but I have used these projectors myself so you need not worry about its performance. Laser Lights for Christmas are one of the trendiest product you would currently find in the market.

Which one do you prefer? Is it going to be string LED lights or laser light projectors? Before you make any decision it is good to go into this detail.

Installing the Best Christmas Laser Light is really very easy. Place the projector on the ground and connect it to the power supply. Nowadays you can even install these projectors inside or on a tree with the help of a base. You can place the projector on a stake or the base it's your choice.

On the other hand, LED string lights need more effort to install. You need to climb ladders more often for this task. Even then you need different electrical wires to connect them to the main power supply. Installing and taking them off is a huge task at hand, not everyone is up for it. These lights are not safe to use around kids, you need to keep them as far as you can.

Our projectors are Energy efficient and fun lovers. You can use them as long as you want and believe me, they don't consume a lot of energy. These are energy efficient products that run on low energy voltage due to their design and programming.

LED string lights use extra electricity than they require. LED wires need more power supply. These wires cannot be used for a long time because they affect your electricity bills certainly. You cannot design your trees with just one string but you can complete your home decor with just one laser light projector.

LED string lights are not weather resistant. String light cannot withstand rain. They often break by storm or snowfall. You cannot use them for a long time even if they are weather resistant because the wire starts burning with sunlight.

If you are looking for a long time partner spending your money on our Laser lights for Christmas is the best option. This projector is weather resistant and it can survive worst weather conditions. How can I say that? because I have tested the projector on severe conditions and trust me it does work.

I am personally done with all the hectic tasks of climbing ladders and placing all the string lights on the trees. It is a huge parade climbest christmas laser lightsbing here, climbing there etc. Other than that, these lights are blown away by bad weather. Years and years I thought which was the best way to make them stay but nothing worked. Eventually, I found laser Christmas lights reviews that landed my search on these awesome projectors. You all know the part where I researched tons and tons of products and found several best projectors to install on my lawn.

As you all know I have done several articles on laser and LED projectors. All the chosen products are studied and evaluated thoroughly to provide you guys with accurate reviews. The product I have chosen this time is similar yet better than its predecessors.

laser lights for christmas

This Laser light projector is a better performer, accurate, and installed with long-lasting technology. This equipment is designed to perform in all kinds of severe conditions. You can place it anywhere and use it accordingly. Looking out for perfection? Yinuo Christmas Light Projector is the best shot you got.

A laser projector that has specially chosen by me to go with whichever theme you are looking to use on this Christmas. Before we go through the specifics and features of this exclusive projector let me define the whole process of installing method.

Installing Best Christmas Laser Lights?

I have received several requests for defining the installation method in my previous articles thus, I am adding it here. Although there are several videos online that describe the similar process, this part is for my loyal customers. The installation method of these laser lights for Christmas is pretty simple.

  • The Yinuo Christmas lights come with a package containing two stakes or a base, 1 projector head, 1 power cable and 1 UL adapter.
  • First of all, you need to attach both the stakes if you are using the projector outdoors. For indoor attach 1 stake with the base.
  • Once you have attached the stakes you need to find a firm ground to insert them. If the place you choose is hard moisten it up w water.
  • Only the top collar of the stake should be visible.
  • Next, adjust the angle of the projector head. First of all, you need to loosen the knob and after adjusting the desired angle tighten the knob up.
  • Furthermore, you can insert the projector head into the stake until it is securely attached.
  • If you afraid of electricity leave the next part for an expert. You should connect the two pin power cable to the projector.
  • To secure it from water lock the cap to the power inlet. You can turn the cap clockwise and anti-clockwise to open and close the safety.
  • Connect the UL adapter to a standard extension cord or power outlet. This projector works on low energy due to which it can easily work on any standard electrical outlet.
  • You can switch the patterns of the projector with the help of a remote control, make sure the controller faces the projector head directly.

This Laser lights for Christmas is designed with fabulous material and sound technology to withstand harsh and severe conditions. Thus, for those who need extra details go through the following points.

  • The Yinuo Best Christmas Laser Light Projector is designed with high-quality Aluminium. It has the ability to withstand over-heating and severe weather conditions.
  • Next, it is an IP65 water resistant, sunlight proof, snow storms protected. You can use it indoors and outdoors certainly.
  • This laser lights for Christmas consumes 5mw of energy which makes it energy efficient.
  • The input voltage is just 120 V 60 Hz AC, and Output is DC 5V 2A 9W. You can use it with any standard power outlets and extension cord.
  • The projector has 10 ft long power cord.
  • It is UL and FCC certified which makes it the best product for our projectors collection.
  • The projector has the temperature range of 35℃ to 40 ℃. Its temperature saves it from overheating and sunlight issues.

According to the manufacturers, you can use this laser lights for Christmas on any occasion. Whether you're having a birthday party, a Christmas Eve celebration or any other seasonal festival this projector can be used wherever you choose. Similarly, it has other qualities too.

  • First of all, this laser light has an ultra large coverage. It covers up to 3000 square feet. You can easily decorate trees, roofs, backyards an open hall etc.
  • It has an amazing illumination and different star-like patterns to use in any festival.
  • The projector is classified class 3R. It has better illumination and clear picture quality. This quality is uniquely found among projectors.
  • Furthermore, you can use it any festival You can use it thanksgiving parties, birthday parties, 4th of July parades and especially around Christmas.
  • Moreover, this projector has 3 different dynamic and static modes. (dynamic and static red laser mode, dynamic and static green mode and dynamic and static galaxy red-green mode).
  • Similarly, the laser creates beautiful star galaxy motion effects. You can use it around Halloween to create spooky effects in your parties.
  • This laser lights for Christmas comes with an easy to use remote controller. You can switch patterns, turn on/off, set timer etc.
  • Set the timer and this projector will certainly work according to that.
  • You can use it for complete 6 hours and after that, this projector will automatically turn off for 16 hours.
  • You can buy the projector at a reasonable price at
Pros Cons
  • Firstly, this projector is a class 3R laser projector.
  • In my opinion, the only problem is the 10ft power cord. It can be extended for better use. Other than that, you can use the projector with an extension.
  • Secondly, you can use this projector for any kind of festival.
  • You shall not worry about the overheating issue because it is UL and FCC certified.
Although I have given a lengthy detail about the projector in this laser Christmas lights review still, there are certainly unanswered questions

Whether 1 projector is enough to cover up our lawn or rooftop? Many people are confused about this thing because not many customers understand the specifics that we provide. So, the answer to this is yes. This projector has the ability to cover a large area but even then if you are hosting a large party and want more lasers you can purchase two projectors. You can mix up two different projectors to create a 3d effect plus the cost is not very high so, you can go for it.

Yes, the projector rotates 180°. You can adjust the head easily and fix it according to your needs. It is an easy task and the projectors are built to rotate for better projection of lights. You can place two projectors at the same time and focus on different directions.

Often people ask this question. Projectors are built to sustain snow, rain, hail storms and even sunlight. No need to remove the projector from any weather condition. This projector is IP65 water resistant which means they work in any weather condition.

There are often questions whether you can buy the remote control separately or not? The answer is no, the seller does not sell spare remote controls. It is because the projectors are manufactured with only 1 remote control. It would be better if there were spare because often remote controllers are broken.

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