Best HoverBoards 2017-18

Considering to impress your employees, to travel around your neighborhood, to keep your transport out of sight, air boards are the best in handy gadgets available in the market. These transporters are bent upon making your life easier because they provide the best experience. Experiencing doubts from which to choose, obtain the best professional help you can through our guide of Best HoverBoards 2017-18.

HoverBoards, Self-balancing scooters, the air boards every single name mentioned in line qualifies as a single gadget. This trendy gadget is an awestruck machine that has been accepted as the most widely used object of the world today. For the audience that is unaware of hovering boards, we present to you a complete detail regarding their size, design, and features.


Before I go through the details and guidelines of the Best hoverboards 2017-18 it is better to know the origin of these gadgets. Self-balancing scooters started appearing in China in 2014. Soon they became popular all around the world and the gadget companies started manufacturing them.

Nearly self-balancing scooters were reported to explode and overheat. Many boards were returned back to manufacturers. This issue caused a lot of mistrust for the gadget. After the relaunch of the machine celebrities started endorsing it and thus, scooters became popular again.


The Self Balancing Scooter is a transport that contains two motor wheels connected to a pad. It has nothing to do with hovering or air flying, its main concern is transportation. The user places his feet on the pads and controls the movement and speed through tilting forward and backward. You can easily turn the board with the twist to the pads.


If you need to experience the best hoverboards, ride the instrument is not up to par if it lacks these features.

  • The gadget in question has a size of 584mm*186mm*178mm.
  • The speed limit is quite high for any hoverboard, it can reach a maximum speed of 9.6 km/h. The machine has an alarm which rings upon reaching the speed limit.
  • This trendy machine has a weight limit not exceeding 102 kg. Veeko has a climbing limit of 150
  • It does not take more than 3 hours to charge its battery, a model of Ha065 placed in it. This air board provides full playing time exceeding 5 hours.
  • This astonishing gadget comes with a one-year warranty card, this card can be utilized in the machine proposes any defect in its function or features.
Riding Guidelines

You have to admit that, buying the best balancing scooter is fruitless for those who possess no idea about its utilization. The majority of them come with tutorial lessons, if not our guide provides insight regarding its use.

  • Keep the batteries full before climbing the scooter.
  • Using the beginner’s mode is the better option. The majority of boards may not possess this quality, for those customers keep it slow and easy.
  • Start with a smooth and straight surface.
  • Keep yourself balanced on the air board.
  • Before turning try tilting and turning slowly. You can stop and try tilting it slowly and gradually.
Safety Measures

I have gone through all the details for buying a scooter yet safety measures are equally important while using these gadgets. Following these steps, you can save yourself and your loved ones.

  • Run short laps before using the air board in busy pathways and roads.
  • Do not imitate stunts until you are a pro. Wear a safety gear while doing so.
  • Do not use the board on a very slippery surface. It often results in a bad fall.
  • Stay close to your children if they are using the scooter for the first time. Give them safety lesson even if they have learned to use it.
  • Prefer a smoother surface if you use the board for the first time.
  • Keep yourself safe and you're family out of trouble.
Model Best FeaturesPrice
  • Reliable control system
  • Strong motors.
  • One of the best designs.
Veeko SURFUS 6.5
  • UL Certified
  • LED lights.
  • Bluetooth.
Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter 2 Wheels UL2272 Certified Mega wheels TW01-1
  • highest speed limit reaching 12 km
  • height limit of 250C
SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard SWAGTRON T6
  • first bestselling board that can handle over 250 lbs
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover EPIKGO
  • LG smart battery
  • 400W Dual motors
  • LED light and extra-large board
Razor Hovertrax Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • one of the best self-balancing scooter and is infused with smart technology.
Coocheer Coocheer 6.5
  • Smart and highly powerful
  • Buffing Shell
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • LED lights
TOMOLOO Hoveroard with Bluetooth Speaker TOMOLOO
  • UL certified
  • Speakers and lights
  • App functions installed
Official Halo Rover Hoverboard Halo Rover
  • UL certified
  • Bluetooth with speakers
  • LG smart battery
  • Halo Rover mobile app.

The Veeko Hoverboards are currently popular with the list of the top 20 best at Amazon. This self –balancing scooter has accomplished a great deal even with overheating damaging of majority boards. This hoverboard comes with UL certification, that helps us in trusting this gadget over others. The top 20 list contains abundant numbers and features in hoverboards, but, VEEKO has surprised us all along its features. They are standardized and efficiency proof trendy transporting companion of your kids.

VEEKO has balanced up the board by providing it with each and every detail. They have not missed any single thing out of the board to provide the best experience while the ride.

  • The gadget in question has a size of 584mm*186mm*178mm.
  • The speed limit is quite high for any hoverboard, it can reach a maximum speed of 9.6 km/h. The machine has an alarm which rings upon reaching the speed limit.
  • This trendy machine has a weight limit not exceeding 102 kg. Veeko has a climbing limit of 150
  • It does not take more than 3 hours to charge its battery, a model of Ha065 placed in it. This air board provides full playing time exceeding 5 hours.
  • This astonishing gadget comes with a one-year warranty card, this card can be utilized if the machine proposes any defect in its function or features.

Keeping aside the specifics this board has been designed with the following feature to enhance its efficiency and balance.

  • This appliance has a fireproof and temperature proof wiring that protects it from overheating and fire bursting problems. The circuit and over charging matters are resolved in this model.
  • The board has two complete sets of tires shaped from the best aluminum rubber. Encased under these tires is the best dual motor that has a strong sensor motion, to provide the best experience while you ride.
  • To enhance your experience this appliance is encased with a servo-control system that enables you to move around efficiently. The gadget has professional gyroscope and application sensors to ensure easy utilization and balanced ride.
The item has two different colors (red and black). This gadget also has a complete black casing for those who adore it. The price of this piece is an economical one, including free shipping for almost every country. Regardless of its features and accuracy, the product is not very costly. The one-year warranty card claims its accuracy and durability. The appliance has a very light weight which can be carried without any restrictions.
Pros Cons
  • One-year warranty card.
  • The appliance is not water resistant.
  • The gadget if charged full provides full playing time.
  • It does not include the Blue tooth function.
  • It is light weight object.
  • The best servo-control system, gyroscope, and dual motors.
  • Rain resistant, but not water proof.

This corporation was founded in 2013, with the goal to provide one of the best hoverboards 2017-18 to its customers. Their engineers have ensured the best design, with quality, safety assurance, and compatibility. They have been quite successful in this task by providing excellent gadgets to its clients. SURFUS corporation takes into consideration each and every request that is sent their way to improve quality and to introduce better proficiency. Their engineers keep on introducing new technologies into their products to provide a better qualitative experience of customers.

The market has been providing insights of many hoverboards, the main concern of the customers still existed on fire safety matters. The SURFUS ensured fireproof and safety protection to its clients by building boards with new and enhanced technology. The started new with the goal to provide the best experience to its customers. This goal resulted in the making of SURFUS 6.5.

The appliance is a beautiful mix up of its features and numbers to complete the obligations of perfect ride. These come with the best possible features to enhance the experience of the rider.

  • The machine comes with a UL certificate and fulfills all the obligations of a standard hoverboard. It is one of the safest air boards available in the market.
  • The self-balancing scooter contains an enhanced battery work up that saves the device from overheating and fire hazards.
  • The board was constructed to provide a balanced and steady ride. They kept in check that it would run even on rough patches without losing balance. Its design is based on providing steady grip to the user.
  • The sensor motors keep your ride smooth and efficient.

While we have a look at its specifications we can reach to the decision that SURFUS 6.5, is a good competitor in the hoverboard business. It cannot be overlooked while purchasing a board.

  • This machine can run a maximum speed limit of 6.2 km/h. The gadget while reaching the speed limit may alert its rider with an alarm. This function is quite handy for beginners and children.
  • The weight limit is a 100 kg. It comes up with water resistance IP34 ranking.
  • The climbing height of SURFUB is 150 It can climb steeper heights and never lose balance.
  • The battery power ranges up to 4300mAh, that is a lot considering any board on the market. It also takes just under two hours to charge. The 3 level battery indicators are the coolest and newest entry in these boards.
  • The machine includes a bright blue LED light in the front compartment for safety rides in darkness.
  • This also has a Bluetooth function installed to provide a better experience while riding.
This cool gadget has four main colors (red, black, blue and white). Currently, this product is available on in a good price, that is quite cheap regarding all the possible features it provides. This whole deal contains the device, charging adapter, a manual for utilization, and sheet to mark specifications. It's popularity has ended it in our list of best hoverboards 2017-18.
Pros Cons
  • The gadget has a water resistance feature rating IP34.
  • SURFUS does not provide a warranty card.
  • It has four beautiful colors.
  • It is a little heavy weight to carry around.
  • The price is quite excellent for all the abundant features it provides.
  • Does not has an advanced controlling system.
  • An instruction manual helps in gaining better experience.
  • It is fire and overheating proof, with a battery that charges in small time.
  • Has a Bluetooth installed, with an LED light.

The Mega Wheels firm has been around in the hoverboard business for a long time. The corporation had called upon their engineers to introduce such boards that were not only exclusive, efficient, and fulfilled the criteria of being safe. They incorporated such a gadget that showed excellence in all criteria’s. This corporation believes in providing a relation to their customers that is based on reliability and trust. Mega Wheels produced such machines in return for building their trust and to prevent accidents in the future. The corporation is known for its excellence and its reliability.

Mega Wheels designed a complete package for its customers by keeping view their customers’ needs and demands. TWO 1-1 was an evolution after the downfall of the market.

  • Two 1-1 is UL certified boards, their engineers incorporated such a wiring that was fire and explosion proof. These boards pass a quality assurance of 100% in order to provide a trusted and reliable connection with its clients.
  • The board has a climbing height of over 240C. This board has the highest rate of climbing in the self-balancing scooter industry. The climbing rate also depends on the load it is handling. The lesser the weight, the higher the height it climbs.
  • The speed limit this most popular board provides is over 11 km, at this speed, the board provides a running limit over 19 km.
  • The appliance has a 36V lithium-ion battery, this battery has the specialty of charging quickly, it keeps the machine safe from over-heating, over-current damages. This battery charges itself in under 3 hours.
  • The board has a water resistance of IP56 level, that makes it waterproof of strong rains. The pedals of the air board are designed with a good quality to prevent them from skidding. All these specifics make this appliance not only reliable for adults but for young kids too.
  • The corporation manufactures Two 1-1 with a one-year warranty. This warranty helps incorporate trust and reliability in the eyes of their clients.
  • Two 1-1 has a weight limit of 120 kg, that is quite a lot to bear by any hoverboard in the industry.

TWO 1-1 has balance, accommodation, looks, and all above the other the certificate proof of being fire proof.

  • This best self-balancing scooter has an anti-collision sensor installed in it to provide better safety to its utilizes.
  • The best hoverboards 2017-18 is 100% quality approved that assures its credibility, it passed all the level of specifics to prove itself worthy of common man.
  • It produces a great result on not only smooth platforms but on unsteady terrains too.
  • The machine is not only fireproof, but it is explosion proof, saves from an abrupt impact, fall, etc. It has a technology that saves the user from slipping too.
  • Two 1-1 comes with a blue LED light that helps the user for traveling through the dark.
  • The appliance has an affordable price at, its available in four different colors (red, black, white, and bright blue).
Mega Wheels produced Two 1-1 in order to prove the credibility of their corporation. This air board was manufactured for not only adults, but for those kids that have a fondness with these appliances. These apparatuses were engineered with such delicacy that it removes all the doubts about it.
Pros Cons
  • The appliance has many features like waterproof, fireproof, etc.
  • The machine has no Bluetooth function installed.
  • Two 1-1 has a one-year warranty.
  • It has an anti-collision, anti-slip, anti-skid feature.

The research of our platform has brought forward a popular board that is different and unique in a distinction of others. The qualities and features this board possesses have helped it gain a number seven in our best scooters list.

The design shows that this air board was designed in order to generate a piece that could work in every possible condition. The engineers of this piece manufactured it in such a style that it would work at all, harsh off-road conditions. Whichever spot you choose to utilize it T6 would never disappoint you.

SWAGTRON has been manufactured with style, adherence, compatibility and proper balance. All in all, this board is a perfect match of balance and style together.

  • The board is manufactured with an excellent quality of aluminum and ABS plastics that help it protect its internal components. These components help this board to travel through any possible condition.
  • The tires of this gadget are designed in a tubeless manner that helps it maintain and balance this board, which is eminent in making a user’s ride adventurous. These tires are infused with nylon that enhances the movement towards the board and maintains its balance. They have designed tires 10* and Dual-rugged.
  • The appliance has a Bluetooth function installed in it to play music and to enjoy your ride.
  • This self-balancing scooter is UL certified, that certifies it to be safe and reliable from any hazard and damage.
  • T6 can handle heavy loads, this board is the first of its kind that can handle weight up to 420 lbs. This weight limit is the highest provided the boards available in the industry. This best hoverboard has metal guards to protect the user of every shape and size through travel in every condition.
  • T6 has a 12-mile range and has the power to reach the speed of 12 mph.
  • This board comes with a one-year warranty card and can be replaced within one-year time period if any defect found.
  • The T6 has a lithium-ion battery, that can be charged just within 3 hours.

SWAGTRON are in this business for a long time. They have kept to their name by manufacturing efficient and quality designs with proper care.

  • The charging time it provides is an essential one for all the quality boards in the industry. Once fully charged this battery provides a long and adventurous ride to its users.
  • The appliance has three awesome colors (Black, Desert camouflage, and Pink camouflage).
  • The tires of this gadget are designed in a tubeless manner that helps it maintain and balance this board. These tires are eminent in making a user’s ride adventurous
  • The machine is sold at It is an expensive choice.
  • T6 has a battery life indicator, turning signals and LED lights. These functions are installed in the body to keep a check on the machine.
  • This electric scooter can be used by both kids and adults.
  • The best scooter is rated IPX4, this helps it travel through puddles of water.
  • The appliance is safe and has been certified to its competence.
T6 is a supporting scooter that helps you travel at any off-road traveling situation. They can be mountainous ranges, plains, muddy hills, deserts. The appliance keeps you balanced and on target. Never lets you lose your focus.
Pros Cons
  • T6 has a Bluetooth function.
  • The T6 has a high price.
  • One-year warranty card.

The EPIKGO corporation is located in Silicon Valley. This corporation has been producing quality hoverboards for a long time. Due to the explosion and fire problems of the boards, the company called upon its engineers to produce a quality hoverboard that was an improved version. The previous version of boards produced a higher range of financial problems of all the corporations thus, a new technology of air boards was to be made to overcome these issues. The corporation wanted to broaden its view and aimed to produce a balanced board that was better than its predecessors. The company aimed to enhance their vision of an improved technology, this version was thought to overcome all the safety issues. The EPIKGO was introduced as the new technology that fulfilled all the above requirements.

EPIKGO has the rank of the best hoverboard 2017-18. Attaining this rank is a proof for its customers that this appliance is better and compatible than others.

  • The machine is certified by UL 2272; this appliance has an LG smart battery that is UL certified too. The gadget went under 159 tests that clear it from all safety issues. The gadget is fireproof, and fire hazards.
  • The EPIKGO has 400W of battery installed in it. This battery is LG smart battery that is excellent for this kind of gadget. The appliance has a Dual motor installed in its tires, that helps the appliance climb through slopes and steep plains. The battery is fully charged can last approximately over 1 hour and can run 10 miles of range. This self-balancing scooter has the most powerful battery available on the market.
  • The EPIKGO has designed the tires with alloy. These tires are 8.5 solid rubber tires that enhance the experience of a user, these tires help the gadget climb steep terrains. These tires are IP56 rank. All these features help a user run through grass, sand, mud, and water puddles.
  • EPIKGO has delivered this air board bigger and better. This gadget is two times more powerful than its old version. The board is designed 30 percent larger to provide the user extra space for adjusting his feet.
  • This extraordinary piece comes in with a backpack to carry it anywhere, this backpack itself is waterproof, that keeps the gadget safe from further damage.

It has passed 159 tests to prove its efficiency and awesomeness. The appliance has some noteworthy features.

  • The corporation introduced this self-balancing scooter with an enhanced technology, this technology resulted in achieving an efficient, faster and larger EPIKGO, to provide an advanced and adventurous experience to its clients.
  • These best hoverboards 2017-18 have an intelligent protection keeping its utilizer away from any damage. This feature protects the machine from any kind of fire hazard.
  • The body of this air board is designed by an advanced quality of Aluminum alloy body frame. It is durable and waterproof with an IP56 rating.
  • The speed and acceleration of EPIKGO, its control, and sophistication, evolved the experience of this product.
  • The hoverboard corporation provides an instruction manual for initial steps.
  • This board on is available at a high price.
  • The board comes in colors like (elite silver, rose gold, and space gray).
T6 is a supporting scooter that helps you travel at any off-road traveling situation. They can be mountainous ranges, plains, muddy hills, deserts. The appliance keeps you balanced and on target. Never lets you lose your focus.
Pros Cons
  • The board has passed 159 tests for safety clearances.
  • The machine has a higher price.
  • This gadget is better version of its predecessors.
  • There is no LED light in this tool.
  • The board has 400W of dual motors.
  • The pack includes a waterproof backpack.
  • The corporation introduced new and better technology in this board.

RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0, is an incredible revolution of the 21st century.  This electric scooter is one of the smartest balancing scooters on the market. The engineers of RAZOR tech produced an Ever-balancing technology to be installed in this appliance in order to enhance the experience of the customer. This self-balancing scooter is the only scooter that has an auto-level in order to provide a safe and easy ride to its user. This board keeps itself balanced with coast riding, racing, and traveling. This air board is good for indoors and outdoors uses. The board is transformed into a new and better technology to compete in the market.

The RAZOR boards are not a new edition to the best hoverboards 2017-18 on market. These boards have become an essential part of their user’s life. The specifics of this board suggest that it is one of the best in our list.

  • 2.0 is a UL Certified air board, this board passes all the safety clearances that are essential for its security, which proves its safety.
  • The self-balancing scooter has a speed limit of 8 mph. the board has a silent 350W motor. This motor is very quiet and silent.
  • The battery of this small but smart balancing scooter has 36V lithium. This battery is LG model based on cells. This board has both the options of charging and cells, thus, the user can easily extend its ride more than an hour.
  • The board has incorporated with blue LED light, a battery indicator. There are two riding modes (training, normal). These modes help in riding the hoverboard.
  • HOVERTRAX 2.0, has a 350W silent motor. Despite having a silent motor provides full power to its wheels. It silently takes the board from a whisper to a high speed of 8 mph. The LG smart battery available in the pack is an incredible addition to this model.
  • The quality of this system is very high. The engineers have programmed it in such a manner that this board offers features, design, and quality altogether.

This board has cleared each safety test to make it safe for everyday life. This board is designed with acute care and precision to make it the most reliable board in the market.

  • The exclusive hoverboard has an ever-balancing technology. This technology automatically levels itself for an easy and smooth ride.
  • This brand has proven its safety, quality, and efficiency in every field. This global brand produced 2.0 with the best quality of parts available in the market. It was a bold step for the publicity of the brand.
  • The addition of bumpers, LED light and battery indicator in this improved version makes it one of the best self-balancing scooter available in the network.
  • The performance of 2.0 is tested by the engineers and they had made it a mission to build a board with the best technology available in the industry.
  • The price of this board is an affordable one on
  • It has three beautiful colors (black, blue, and white).
RAZOR corporation is one of the trusted companies that have been manufacturing hover boards. Like others, this corporation has gained the trust in its clients. They are among the global leaders that have been creating electronics and recreational products.
Pros Cons
  • An evolved technology.
  • The board has no Bluetooth function.
  • Has a 350W silent motor.
  • An inclusion of battery pack to the board.

The COOCHER TW01 is a new technology in the history of hoverboard business. TW01 was manufactured with great care and precision. This board has cleared all the fire safety test, due to which it is one of our favorites. The corporation’s engineers took a bold step in creating TW01. This hoverboard has made our top ten list due to being cheap and reliable.

This hoverboard is safety proof which is an essential certification. It is UL certified and has passed all essential tests to prove its competence. The board is designed with quality and efficiency to provide both speed and balance. All the features, specifics placed on this board are essential and high quality. The hoverboard industry would be incomplete without COOCHER TWO1.

It was designed by some of the greatest engineers to provide the best experience a board can provide. The board is safe and accurate for every age of life.

  • The air board is UL certified, it is safety proof having advanced safety protection for its clients. The COOCHER designed this board in the light of all the fire hazard issues.
  • The board is tested and approved by the UL board, the engineers enhanced this design with an electric system that was fireproof and explosion proof. This corporation made safety and the most important part of this spectacular board, they made no compromise on this feature, thus this makes it our all-time favorite.
  • The battery placed in this version charges in just 2 hours of time.
  • The speed limit of this machine is up to 7 mph. The running time of this advanced gadget is up to 1 1.5 hours. These specifics show the incredible time and speed it provides to its trusted customers.
  • The weight limit of this machine is 100 kg. This weight limit is proposed in order to enhance the experience of the users.
  • Although the board has a good balance, yet they have added Gyroscope and speed sensors in this appliance. Servo-control system is a part of this function list, these ensure the best experience and balance to its users.
  • This hoverboard is designed with 350W dual motors, this enhances the chances of climbing steep and sloppy terrains. The engineers also installed ABS inside the box to prevent from taking any internal damage, that adds to its safety list.
  • The wheels are worked up in 6.5-inch alloy rubber, that makes it powerful and inflatable. The footpad of this mighty board is slipping proof and balances the ride. They provide your feet a solid grip in riding.

TWO1 is a full package with balance, warranty, LED lights etc. These features have helped it reached our list of top 20 in 2017. This board is a trustworthy appliance.

  • TWO1 is a water-resistant design that can climb any terrain on its ride.
  • The package has a one-year warranty card. If you find any defect in the appliance you could return or replace it easily.
  • This air board has an LED light set that protects you riding in the dark.
  • This is an economical product, which is available on Amazon.
  • The board has black, red and blue colors.
  • The hoverboard is 2 times more powerful than other boards. This air board is 30 times larger than its competitions. They have increased power and speed of the appliance for better results.
This board is designed for a better version and its performance and customer reviews on, Pinterest, speaks of its accuracy.
Pros Cons
  • It is a cheap product.
  • The board has no Bluetooth function.
  • This board have added Gyroscope, servo-control and acceleration sensors.
  • Has LED lights, battery indicators installed.
  • Temperature control system.

This model was produced by SURFUS just after some time. This model was manufactured with an advanced technology and improved quality of functions. The height of competition in the board’s industry brought forward the need for a new and enhanced model of a hoverboard. Despite being on the top ten list, the corporation keeps on improving the technology and quality of their boards.

The corporation as mentioned earlier had established their principles of the vision of improving and improvising. Although, SURFUS is one of the best boards in market, yet they keep on enhancing their hoverboards

The product has complete set of specifics to compete in the market. It enhances the experience of the user and builds better balance during the ride.

  • This hoverboard is UL certified board, all the safety measures were taken by the engineers to enhance its quality and performance. This version has a guarantee of battery and wiring. These boards are fire-proof because they have passed all the test. The battery remains cool while charging.
  • The climbing limit of this board is 150C.
  • The appliance has a three-mode battery indicator that was available in its predecessor.
  • The board has an IP34 rank.
  • The weight limit of this hoverboard is up to 100 kg.
  • The machine has a 250W dual motor.
  • The Bluetooth speakers are also an addition to this self-balancing scooter. This feature permits the user to enjoy music on high volumes.
  • This board has better speed limit which is up to 8 mph. This board can run 11 miles per charge.
  • The tires are made with aluminum alloy rubber. These rubber tires provide the best quality ride to its users.

SURFUS has the following features that makes it a perfect match as your daily companion. You can carry it anywhere and it comes in a low price that makes it affordable too.

  • The SURFUS ensured their customers to provide a smooth and steady rise in all kinds of terrains. The board ensures better performance.
  • This light weight scooter has a shell with a gloss touch. Blue LED lights with battery indicators on the front are a cool addition.
  • The foot pads help to balance the ride of the user. These pads are non-slippery; lets you balance in high speeds. The engineers have evolved the controlling and balancing of this model.
  • The board has outer and internal protection functions installed.
  • The price of this board is quite reasonable on
  • The board has Black, Red and White colors.
This version is improvised on better features to provide their customers with a better and accurate mechanism, to improve their experience. This appliance is higher in price than its predecessor. This rise is due to the enhanced performance of this air board.
Pros Cons
  • This product is cheap one.
  • There is no mention of servo-control or speed sensors.
  • The Bluetooth speakers and mobile app are good introduction.
  • The board has a glossy finishing.

The TOMOLOO corporation is leading the hoverboard industries. They have been in this business for a long time. They have the distinction of introducing the self-balancing design patent in the industry. It was this corporation that beat the odds and introduced this design for the first time. They have the privilege of establishing partnerships between influential companies. They are quite careful with making partners to ensure and maintain their qualities.

The TOMOLOO have been ranked second due to the overall performance and hardware system installed in it. They have fulfilled each and every step to gain this rank in our 2017 list.

  • This air board is approved by the CPSC board and has a UL certificate. The engineers have tested this board for all kind of fire hazards.
  • The board has gone through the strictest production process and a complete inspection before making it to the market for purchase.
  • This board is the strongest and efficient hardware in the hoverboard business. The machine has a 300W silent motor that can run up to 8 mph.
  • The weight limit this device can sustain is up to 150 kg. this weight limit is more than the majority boards offering in the industry.
  • This appliance is Design Patent and Utility Patent Pending. The corporation still claims it to be the best in the market.
  • This best self-balancing scooter has a set of RGB light color and effects installed in the front.
  • The Bluetooth speaker and mobile app function are a good inclusion to this gadget.
  • The lithium-ion batteries charge to just 1.5 hours, this is the best charging time of any device available in the market.
  • The tires are 6.5 inches.

The appliance has some brilliant features to offer its customers. They have designed it in such a way that enhances the experience of the rider.

  • This board is an innovative addition to better motherboard and software. They believe in providing the best to its clients.
  • It has a set of RGB lights in its tires.
  • The App controls to provide the device to control, set speed, driving to force, steering, shutdown control, etc.
  • This device has enhanced the experience of its customers by designing it with professional stereo speakers. These speakers let you hover with the music of your own choice.
  • TOMOLOO provides a 24/7 technical and customer support to give you the best backup support available in the market.
  • This device is available in a good price at
  • The board is available in just Black color.
The corporation is improvising and producing best quality boards for its trusted client ship. Their engineers excel in designing the advanced quality of motherboard for providing the best quality in the boards. This motherboard helps enhance the experience of its customers. In order to ensure the credibility of these parts, the corporation deals with the most trusted suppliers. This Hoverboard has the most appealing design and performance in the market.
Pros Cons
  • The device has an advanced version of motherboard.
  • There is no mention of Gyroscope or internal sensors.
  • They have 24/7 support for customers.
  • The board is available in just one color.
  • The device is best in self-balancing.
  • The App control enhances its performances.

HALO ROVER is marked number one in our top ten list. This device has made the position because it is officially ranked first in the best hoverboards 2017-18. This rank is provided for the device due to its high standard and quality perfection in the industry.

Los Angeles was chosen to build the Halo Rover corporations. The corporation was built to provide the better quality of hoverboards. This company has been producing the best quality of boards for a long time. They have been implementing the needs of their customers in this domain. The corporation has been providing a high standard of electrical devices for its clients, which makes them one of the best in the market.

The HALO ROVER has been maintaining its number one position for quite a long time.The engineers didn’t miss any single hardware or software to install in it. They have built this board with a lot of care and precision.

  • The Halo Rover has the highest guards and frame designed in aluminum.
  • The board has an IPX4 rank. It can resist water to a large extent.
  • The tires are 8.5 inches’ inflatable. Majority boards do not have these tires. These tires are indestructible.
  • The LG smart battery pack is the best inclusion of this device, these batteries are UL certified that are fireproof and explosion proof. The battery is one of the best technology of Halo Rover.
  • This mechanism is designed and based in the US. So, it has the trust of the local manufactures.
  • The appliance can run up to 10 miles after a full battery charge.
  • The climbing height is better than other boards; 200C.
  • This machine has LED lights installed in it.
  • This complete set is designed with aluminum.
  • There is no mention of a warranty card in the description of this mighty device.
  • The hoverboard is UL certified by the safety departments. They have gained a hologram certificate, that proves the excellency and perfection of the device. This device has passed all the applied tests to prove it fireproof and explosion proof. Thus, we consider it the best in the best hoverboards 2017-18.

The HALO ROVER provides some exclusive features for its customers. It may be a little costly but the features it provides are worth the dollar.

  • The Halo Rover has the best Halo technology; this includes sensors in the original device that provides the best adventurous experience of its customers. This technology ensures the steadiest ride on any terrain.
  • The device has Bluetooth speakers function installed that improves on its experience.
  • The Mobile App helps in controlling the speed, turning radius, and customizes the board accordingly.
  • The Halo Rover allows its user to travel through any possible condition; sand, mud, grass, rain, road, etc.
  • The device has three modes of riding.
  • The only color this board is designed in is Black.
  • The Halo Rover is an expensive product. This high price is due to the features and performance this board provides.
The corporation is improvising and producing best quality boards for its trusted client ship. Their engineers excel in designing the advanced quality of motherboard for providing the best quality in the boards. This motherboard helps enhance the experience of its customers. In order to ensure the credibility of these parts, the corporation deals with the most trusted suppliers. This Best Hoverboard 2017-18 has the most appealing design and performance in the market.
Pros Cons
  • The board has quite amazing features.
  • There is no warranty card in the box.
  • This board is rated IPX4.
  • The price is a little high for certain customers.
  • The board has an advanced technology of sensors installed.
  • The Bluetooth speaker and mobile app is a good inclusion.
  • The device can run up to 10 mph.
  • The tires are thick up to 8.5 inch and are indestructible.

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