Best Portable ACs 2017-18

What is the best thing you like about summers? A trip to Hawaii, a sunbath or a hot day just sitting in a cool room, movies, popcorn and good portable Ac to go with it. Why just a good portable AC, why not the best portable Air Conditioner to suit just your personality? You can throw your worries out of the window because our blog helps you find the cheapest, suitable and affordable portable AC, through our guide of Best Portable Acs 2017-18.

First of all, we need to consider what is a best portable air conditioner? We all might have an idea that it cooldowns the temperature of a specific room and let its users relax out on a hot summery day. Yet not many people are aware of the actual process through which it does so. Although it may seem all technical and boring yet a human shall have an idea when to install or introduce one into their lifestyles.

Secondly one should be aware of the designs, features and the SEER rating of these affordable air conditioners. Furthermore, our guide is an affordable solution, hence go for it. Our guide emphasis on providing complete information on all these factors in a single review. You are lucky to have found us.

Finally, the advice of the millennia, always checks whether the cheap portable AC is worth your while or not. Never go for the all shiny and sparkly things, have a moment of thought whether they support your household or not. It is never bad to think before you buy. Other than that you have come to the Best to have the Best advice available on the internet.

In addition to the guidelines of purchasing the best portable from the market, we need an inner eye on the work these appliances put up for us. These cheap portable air conditioners as known from the name condition the air of the atmosphere, cleansing and cooling the temperature. You might even come across the machines that evaporate heat from the room and cools it to a specific level. So, It is a general perception that ACs cool down any environment after removing humidity.

Keeping this mind let us skip to the basics because they seem important. We will not only provide the contrast and comparisons in our guide, in addition to that, we have created a category that provides basic details of these appliances in general.


It is a relevant fact that Portable ACs have three main categories; Portable units, Portable split systems and Portable hose systems. All three refer to the main category of Best Portable air conditioners that we are discussing in our review. These ACs have following attributes with respect to their designs.

  • Best portable ACs 2017-18 have a small shape; this is done to easily change their positions. You can easily shift them and no need to worry about permanent installation.
  • Portable ACs are built into dehumidifying the atmosphere, even if you set these affordable air conditioners to dehumidify only although they would not cool the area they help in lowering the humidity of the atmosphere.
  • These cheap portable air conditioners have power in between 9,000 BTUs- 14,000 BTUs. Portable ACs in this range can keep any type of warm area cool. The higher the BTU levels the higher chance they would cool the room temperature quickly. The ranges of BTU differ between small, medium and larger rooms.
  • The Best portable ACs 2017-18 have low DB levels; this refers to the volume of noise any appliance creates.
  • The estimated cooling area a portable air conditioner covers needs to between 250-400 square feet.
  • Currently, all the manufacturers are designing Portable ACs that are energy efficient. Due to its small body, it is easy for them to use less energy than any commercial AC unit.

As much as we all love to jump to just buy a product that looks awesome, one must look for the features it is provides. Is it handy? Will it be a better option? Etc. Therefore, we need to understand the basics first hand. The feature we shall be looking forward to, in any cheap or best quality portable air conditioners is as follows.

  • You do not require to link them to the Central cooling system, they are quick coolers on their own.
  • If attached with a sliding glass window or window screen almost all sorts of Portable ACs would ventilate and exhaust easily.
  • The Display panel feature has become an important feature in any portable air conditioner. The display panel helps to control the temperature of the best portable air conditioners.
  • The portable ACs shall feature a thermostat control panel that controls the temperature of the appliance according to the atmosphere.
  • You can use portable ACs either indoor or outdoor.

How do these Affordable ACs work?

Air conditioners in general work on the principle of absorbing air and conditioning back cool air. They omit hot air in the process. Air omits through a durable pipe, hence placed outdoors. These ACs cannot be replaced without proper installation, on the other hand, our portable air conditioners are easy to use and to be easily replaced whenever needed.

Our best portable ACs 2017-18 represent a box like a shape that can be kept in any corner of your house. These portable appliances intake fresh air through a tube that is attached to them, these tubes are to be installed in a window for the in taking and omitting process. This tube can be connected easily through any opening and due to being light weight both the unit and the tube can be shifted to any place in the house.

SEER Rating

The SEER Rating refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the higher the efficiency ratio the lower the amount of energy a portable unit intakes for working. In the start SEER rating used to be around 5-6 but with the introduction of new technologies this rating went up and currently, the best portable air conditioners have a ratio up to 20. The highest SEER rating portable AC may demand the highest cost, yet we need not worry because an affordable portable air conditioner has a rating up to 13-15 ratios that use quite less energy than a commercial unit.

Model Best FeaturesPrice
Veeko Lohome
  • A portable bladeless fan that comes with humidity spray and cools off your summer heat./li>
Veeko JHS AOO1-10KR/C
  • It has a BTU rating of 10,000. This portable AC comes with complete LED setup on its display panel.
Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter 2 Wheels UL2272 Certified Honeywell MN12CES
  • It has an automatic timer with 3-dimension speed options and a Dehumidifier to go with it.
SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard Honeywell HL14CESWK
  • An efficient partner with a high SEER rating and provides cooling up to 550 square feet.
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Della
  • Della comes in with a window vent kit, Remote control options and a Cooling Fan Dehumidifier.
Razor Hovertrax LG LP0817WSR
  • A portable AC with auto evaporation system that cools up to 200 square feet.
Coocheer Global Air
  • It has a digital control panel, a delay function of 3 minutes’ over-cold protection.
SURFUS2 Cost way
  • This AC comes with a window wall mount option, a remote control panel and auto set temperature.
TOMOLOO Hoveroard with Bluetooth Speaker LG LP1215GXR
  • This amazing addition has 12,000 BTU rating, an LCD display with a remote control panel.
Official Halo Rover Hoverboard Whynter
  • A Dual Hose, 14,000 BTU ratio portable AC, with an addition of Heating power.

Love home Inc. is Amazon based stores that excel in providing small and portable appliances to their customers. They are trusted by millions of customers for providing best quality products online. The corporation provides a large category of appliances to choose from, there desktop air conditioning fan is an innovation on the internet.

Lohome is basically a bladeless fan, it is added in our category of best portable AC due to its strength of cooling the room temperature. This portable AC is a small version of affordable air conditioning fans that works quite effective for single person use. They can be installed easily on any desktop and can provide you cool breeze on hot summer days.

Indeed, this looks like a small product yet it has proved its worth to make our top ten list. This product has certain extra details one must check before purchasing it. Our tenth best portable AC covers following attributes for its customers.

More absolute details an affordable portable AC has on its side, more likely it is to make our top ten list. Lohome Bladeless fans are one of the worthy products on our list and it has following details to satisfy its customers.

  • This cheap portable AC is designed with a powerful ABS material, that has a high level of strength against damage. Therefore, it is less likely to attain damage if falls down or thrown accidentally.
  • This affordable portable air conditioner has a 3cm wide spray attached to its front that sprays the essential oil into the water that spreads a beautiful fragrance in your atmosphere. The oil or spray can be of your choice exclusively.
  • The Lohome bladeless fan is designed with extra proficiency, it has an addition of two anti-skid slots attached to its bottom. This anti-skid slot saves the portable AC from falling over and maintains its balance on any surface.
  • The water tank of this best portable AC is 350ml large that works for a long period, the AC automatically shuts down once the tank runs out of the water.
  • This effective AC has been designed with humidity air duct that lowers the level of humidity in the environment.
  • It takes small space on your desktop.

Love home corporations have kept in mind many tiny details for its designing due to which this product has been admired by many customers. The corporations have enclosed this portable AC with different features that are necessary for any appliance of this range.

  • First of all, this version of portable AC has three modes of providing wind power. You can easily adjust or choose the best option that suits you. Furthermore, the fans are run by durable motors that are energy efficient.
  • The sprayer works as a soothing and relaxing agent that makes your hot summery day refreshing.
  • This best portable ACs 2017-18 comes with a one-year money back warranty card. Likewise, you can easily exchange the product.
  • Lohome bladeless fan has an adjustable windshield attached to it.
  • Lohome is a good reasonable product to be bought from
  • This mini pack is available in three cool colors blue, white and cream.
Although this cheap portable air conditioner might not represent a lot yet it seems a good partner for those who work on a desk in hot summers. This can provide you cool refreshing experience in a short time. Even if the product does is not up to par you can easily send it back to its owner in one-years period.
Pros Cons
  • This portable AC is an affordable choice for any customer.
  • In conclusion this AC is good for one person use..
  • Similarly, you can adjust the wind power modes.
  • Customers have often complained for its cooling speed.
  • Likewise, this AC adjusts anywhere.

JHS has made our top ten list due to its efficient and beautiful design. This is also Amazon based company altogether, it has online followers. The corporation has been designing innovative technology appliances for a long time. They seem to have excelled in the business of appliances and have been producing quality appliances in a really short time. The corporation makes this list due to its JHS A001-10KR/C Best portable ACs 2017-18.

 JHS A001-10KR/C is an innovation in the business of portable air conditioners. As compared to our number ten in the list, this product is not small and can easily be installed in the house for a larger use. It intends to cover a larger area and removes humidity from its surroundings. The corporation claims it to be the better version in the list of portable ACs.


This affordable portable air conditioner provides its user an excellent experience. In order to properly understand its work one can look forward to its details.

This cheap portable air conditioner offers its users a lot than expected. The JHS A001-10KR/C provides following attributes to its users.

  • This cheap affordable portable air conditioner has a range of 10,000 BTU. That is essential in cooling a larger room. This range of BTU in this portable AC is an assurance of quickly cooling any type of room temperature.
  • The JHS A001-10KR/C has an automatic shutoff timer that turns off the AC at a specific set of time.
  • This affordable portable AC has a fan that is attached to a dehumidifier, this gadget lower downs the humidity in the air up to 50%.
  • The AC has a higher SEER rating as compared to its earlier model and keeps the input voltage till 115V/60 Hz.
  • The estimated cooling area for this AC is 220 square feet, this is due to the high level of BTU installed in it.
  • The dB level of this portable version AC is just 54. This level makes this appliance an ECO-friendly and environment-friendly machine.
  • This cheap portable AC is designed with an adjustable thermostat from 610-880

Apart from the specific details the JHS A001-10KR/C provides some essential counterparts to add to its persona. The JHS corporations have made sure not to skip any important detail in this model of portable AC.

  • This innovative portable AC has a full LED display panel that also indicates the water level in the tank.
  • They have added the 3 modes of wind power in this set to provide an efficient look. These three modes can manually provide cooling, dehumidifier and fan speed.
  • They have engineered an Energy-Efficient portable appliance that saves you from high electricity usage.
  • It has an extendable hose and as a matter of fact, it is adjustable.
  • This cheap portable air conditioner has an extension of remote control that enhances its experience.
  • JHS A001-10KR/C has electrostatic filters, which as a matter of fact are washable.
  • The appliance has a beautiful white color that adds to its beauty.
  • The JHs corporations provide a one-year warranty card with the package that ensures the credibility of this appliance.
It is noteworthy that although the corporation has improvised this cheap portable AC, still they have not raised the price too high. This AC is available in a reasonable price on
Pros Cons
  • The 10000 BTU helps in cooling rooms quickly.
  • If the surface is not flat the AC produces vibrations.
  • This cheap portable AC has no need to install a hose for draining water.
  • It has no water bucket.
  • You can easily install it in any available space in your rooms, office stalls, personal studios etc. Customers have certain times used this portable AC at camping sites.
  • This affordable AC has four wheels that make it easier to move.

The Honeywell corporations have been producing quality, innovative, trendy appliances for a long time now. Furthermore, customers have always appreciated Honey Well appliances. They have kept their appliances up to date with the changing technologies and introduction of better quality. Their appliances have been ranging from good, better to the best.

Honeywell MN12CES is an innovative portable appliance. This appliance ticks all the boxes from good looks to providing the best experience. The Honeywell corporations have put up a lot of efforts in designing beautiful and quality appliances.


This affordable portable air conditioner provides a quality experience to its users. Although Honey Well appliances have a high price yet these are considered the best. It is due to their innovative technology and high quality. 

This Best portable AC 2017 comes with a lot of innovations and qualities, which is the reason it is been liked by many followers of Honeywell. They have introduced following specifications in this model.

  • Honeywell MN12CES has the range of 12,000 BTU. This range of BTU level ensures quick and essential cooling from anywhere in the room.
  • It ranges to cool up to 450 square feet of room, offices, halls, etc. The high level of BTU ensures, that this powerful appliance provides quick cooling.
  • The Honeywell Corporation has designed this model with a dehumidifier that ranges to remove up to 70% humidity from the room. Once you bring this affordable portable AC home your summers would become way cooler.
  • This best portable AC has a 53 DB level, that makes it an environmentally-friendly refrigerant.
  • The latest technology of no-dripping has been introduced in this model to improve its experience.
  • The affordable portable AC has an adjustable thermostat.You can adjust it from 610-900 Fahrenheit.

This best portable AC allows you a fully operating remote control. Not only this but the appliance comes with certain other possibilities that are discussed by us as follows.

  • This affordable AC has a three in one wind power function. It includes a dehumidifier, cooling and fan options.
  • You can change or replace the window brackets easily of this affordable portable AC.
  • They have also introduced the most innovative Feather touch LED display in the control panel.
  • This portable has an important feature that is three meters thick electrostatic filter and a compressor that is environmentally-friendly.
  • This affordable portable AC does not require permanent installation; it can be replaced or moved easily due to its four-wheel tires at the bottom.
  • The appliance has no water bucket attached to it because of the auto-evaporation technology installed in it.
  • This appliance has a sleek black-silver color that can compliment your fully furnished homes.
The Honeywell MN12CES is a high-quality appliance consequently it is placed in the high ranged appliances.This expensive choice product is available on with free shipping.
Pros Cons
  • This portable AC has a 12,000 BTU range that has the power to quickly cool any room.
  • There is no mention of any type of warranty card in the package box.
  • It has an anti-drip technology with an auto-evaporation system.
  • The portable AC has a high price.
  • The Feather control display panel with fully operational remote control makes it classier.

Honey Well is a leading brand of appliances as mentioned above. This brand offers highly helpful solutions and suggestions for household purposes. They have taken great care in providing their appliances for online selling. Their products are available just from reliable online stores on the web that ensures their trustworthy and secure nature.

Honeywell HL14CESWK is one of the best portable ACs 2017 available on Honeywell stores. This affordable Honeywell has again made over top ten list due to its efficiency and credibility in this line of business. This product is a part of one of the best appliances produced by Honeywell appliances.

This best portable AC has better technology than its predecessor. Both of these are best in their own ways, the specifications and features of this Honeywell portable AC are as follows.

The Honeywell HL series has been created with better innovative technologies and better model to enhance the experience of its users and to introduce a better option in the long range of portable ACs. This best portable AC has following specifications to look forward.

  • The BTU range in this better portable AC is 14,000, which is better than the last Honeywell product.
  • They have repeated the anti-drip and auto-evaporation system in the HL series due to its liking in the last product. Thus, they have not introduced a water bucket in this mode too.
  • The machine has an improved version of the dehumidifier that can remove up to 111.6 pints of humidity per day. This range of dehumidifier is not easily available in the market.
  • They have introduced a better environment refrigerant in Honeywell HL14CESWK.
  • You can easily adjust the thermostat from 600-900
  • The DB level in this version is not more than 52, which is one point lesser than the earlier appliance. Yet this machine does not produce much noise and is environment-friendly.
  • The estimated range of cooling are in this model is 550 square feet. This increase has resulted due to the 14,000 power BTU.

Apart from the specifics, this affordable portable AC has some other elements to be looked upon.

  • It has our famous three modes of wind power.
  • These three speeds include a 24-hour timer that helps in energy saving.
  • Honey Well replaced the Feather touch LED control panel with a Digital LED control panel.
  • You can change or replace the window brackets easily of this affordable portable AC.
  • They have added a five-year exclusive warranty in the package, this is due to the demand of customers.
  • This affordable portable AC has the fully operational remote control.
  • This Best portable ACs 2017-18 has four wheels in the bottom to move it easily from one place to another. This feature saves the AC from complete installation problems.
  • This beautiful appliance is available in white-gray, white-blue, white-black and white color.
The product is an exclusive part of Honeywell production due to which it has a high price. This portable AC is an expensive product. It is available with free shipping on Despite the high price, the demand for this product is usually high due to its innovative technology, and efficient ranking in the market.
Pros Cons
  • The range of cooling is up to 550 square feet that are quite good for any portable AC.
  • Like any other Honeywell product, this one has a high price.
  • The dehumidifier removes approximately 111 pints of humidity from the room.
  • They have added a Digital LED display in this version.

Della corporations are one of the leading brands in the kitchen appliances. They have created a long range of appliances to provide better innovation and quality in this business. The cookware, chillers, warmers are all a part of this quality brand. Their appliances are not only sold in their outlets but One Big Outlet is one of the trusted online sellers of this trusted name.

Della portable AC is a part of this beautiful range of appliance. They have created this appliance with leading edge technology and some noteworthy features. The corporation updates its appliances each year to incorporate better effects to its leading products. There Della portable AC is one of those beautiful designs. Della portable AC has been designed for smaller rooms and provides better results in these conditions.

This affordable portable AC is one of the best-selling products on The product has some noteworthy specifications and features.

As the big name, each of us must look forward to buy this exclusive portable AC due to the details it provides.

  • These Best portable ACs 2017-18 has a BTU range of 8,000. Although it may seem less yet the customer’s reviews have confirmed perfect cooling for smaller rooms, garages, office stalls etc.
  • You can easily select different wind power modes in this portable AC. These modes can be easily adjusted according to the weather.
  • This cheap portable AC has the capacity to cool down a room of 300 square feet. The capacity of cooling a room depends upon the BTU range of the AC, as this cheap portable AC is built for a small area thus, it ranges smaller are of cooling.
  • Della portable AC is rated Energy efficient. It is designed to use less energy regardless of the fan speed.
  • This Energy efficient portable AC has been designed with Ozone Safe R-410A refrigerant that keeps your environment safe and protected.
  • You can easily adjust the thermostat of this cheap potable AC. You can change it from 620-820 F.
  • This design includes a dehumidifier and a 56 DB level.

The Della portable AS’s might be small in shape yet they provide extraordinary features to its customers.

  • This cheap portable AC has a multi-purpose cooling fan that provides air in two directions. This multi-purpose mode can be easily adjusted according to your needs.
  • You do not need to worry because this portable AC includes a full functioning remote control. This helps you operate the portable AC from any distance in the room.
  • This AC has a fully Digital LED display control panel, that provides complete detail of the thermostat and the water level in the tank.
  • Della corporations have installed just a single hose in this portable AC that can be easily installed, replaced or changed.
  • This cheap portable AC is available in just white color on the market.
  • They have added four wheels in the bottom of the AC, due to which users can easily change its position in the room.
  • The water tank has a reserve of water that does not drain so easily, you may not be stressed for pouring water in it time to time.
This best portable AC provides all the exciting features and specification of a large and high-quality portable AC, yet it is easily available on in a low price.
Pros Cons
  • This appliance has a well-ranged price for a small portable AC.
  • There is no mention of a warranty card in the package.
  • It has a full operating remote control with a complete digital LED display.
  • If you leave a slight window or door open the room gets warm.
  • The control panel has a feather touch installed.
  • The BTU range may seem little less for certain users.
  • The water tank reserve is larger than other portable AC on our list.

LG is one of the best electronics retailer in the market. This company has been providing quality appliances to its customers from the start. LG is an innovative technology provider; it ensures you a healthy life style. The designs it has been creating are one of the best in the market. The corporation takes great care and attention in providing the best innovative, helpful, efficient and ground breaking technology to its users.

LG LP0817WSR is one of the worthy portable AC to be introduced in our list. This portable AC has noteworthy features to provide its customers. LG has been working to provide innovative designs in the market to not only maintain their brand but to keep up the trust they have built through years of hard work and struggle. This product is the most recent introduction to the LG portable AC but it ranges in the small range portable AC’s.

This affordable portable AC is a small range product that has the credibility to provide best results in smaller spaces. This portable AC has certain noteworthy features to look forward.

This portable although may not seem much yet it promises to offer a lot in a small package. Skipping other things let us check the specifications of this model.

  • This affordable portable AC has an 8,000 BTU range, although the range yet it cools a small room, office stall, garage very quickly.
  • This cheap portable AC promises to cool a room ranging 200 square feet.
  • The (CFM) option is installed in this cheap yet affordable portable AC. This option provides dry air in humid areas to bring the humidity level down.
  • The Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant is added in this model, to provide it a better look than its predecessors.
  • This cheap portable AC has a DB level of 53. This level keeps this appliance under the environment-friendly category.
  • The appliances have been updated in the region of thermostat that can be changed if necessary.
  • The dehumidifier has the ability to remove humidity from the air up to 1.8 pints per hour.

This portable AC has some acute details that are noteworthy. LG LP0817WSR has some beautiful features that are to be mentioned.

  • This affordable device has been updated with two modes for fan speed. These two speeds provide flexible options to its users.
  • The control panel has a digital LED display that provides complete detail of the thermostat and the water tank.
  • This appliance has a top and lower air discharge that removes all the warm spots from the environment.
  • They have also added the auto-restart option to keep the appliance from over cooling issues.
  • The package also includes an LCD remote control, as compared to other products on our list, this is the only one to have this feature.
  • The outdoor exhaust is a helpful inclusion in this cheap yet affordable portable AC.
  • This appliance is available in a beautiful white color on
Although this portable AC is a LG brand yet this has a low price. The price is the result of the small range product. This appliance is available on in a good price.
Pros Cons
  • It is the first appliance to have a LCD remote control.
  • If it was not a small ranging product it could get our number one spot.
  • It is available in a good price for a LG product.
  • This cheap portable device has just two modes of wind power.
  • They provide a window installation kit with the package.
  • This appliance could be one of the best in our top ten list.

Global Air is an Amazon based company, that does its business through this platform. Their corporation has been conducting its business quite accurately. They have produced a range of appliances that represent quality, credibility, innovation and perfection. These appliances might not seem a lot, yet they have a good demand in the market. Global Air provides what is on demand in the market, which is the reason of their success in such a short time.

Global Air portable AC has been included in our top ten list due to the high-quality performance, digital display, and a beautiful design. This appliance has been built with deep insight and care. The corporation has launched this appliance as a better version of its portable AC’s. This cheap portable AC might not look much, but it has quite the performance to reach this top of the list.

The Global Air portable AC provides some awesome features that are much wanted in any portable AC.

This innovative portable AC has proven its worth, with its detailed specifications. They have not missed any minute detail in this version of Global portable AC.

  • This affordable portable AC has a BTU range of 10,000. This range keeps this portable appliance in the list of medium-range AC’s.
  • This portable AC ranges an estimated 300 square feet of room for cooling. The AC may work in a larger room, but it will not provide the same result, as compared to in a medium room.
  • You can manually adjust the thermostat I between 600-800.
  • This cheap portable AC has no water tank, it works on the mechanism of self-evaporation, and turns the humidity into the cool air.
  • Water is condensed and cleansed inside the appliance and utilized on its self. You do not need to worry regarding empty water tanks any longer.
  • This portable AC has a delay restart function that protects the appliance from over cooling issues.
  • This appliance runs on just 98 watts’ unit that is quite helpful in saving electricity.

The Global Air appliances have made sure to install all those features in it, that are available in other portable AC’s in the market.

  • It has the beautiful LED Digital control panel. The control panel provides you details of all the modes of the appliance with the thermostat.
  • This affordable portable appliance has two modes. These modes do not mention anything regarding the dehumidifier mode.
  • Although there are just two modes available yet this affordable portable device provides a four-way air direction. These never miss a spot while cooling the room.
  • The package has a fully operational remote control.
  • This cheap portable air conditioner has the options to use carbon filters if necessary.
  • The appliance is available in a beautiful white color on
This best portable AC offers a lot and asks very less in return. This portable AC is an economical product available on
Pros Cons
  • There is no issue of refilling water in this portable AC. It utilizes the humidity in the air.
  • There is no mention of any warranty card in the box.
  • Despite the features the it has a good price.
  • There is no dehumidifier mode available in the product.

Cost way is an amazing Amazon retailer. They might not seem a lot yet this corporation has become America’s all-time favorites. In a short time, they have gained a lot of trust of their customers and clients. Their products range from affordable house furniture’s to our beloved portable Ac’s. This corporation has been providing quality appliances that include innovation, technology, performance and the most required credibility.

Cost way portable AC is one of the best portable ACs 2017-18 on our top ten list and thus its performance has brought it to this height. Cost way corporations have introduced the special features in this portable appliance for competition. They have so far achieved the goal by this innovative quality portable AC.

Cost way portable AC has much more to it than expected. They provide the best to the best. Their specifications and features are noteworthy.

This cheap portable Ac has some amazing qualities and properties in it. The Cost way appliances have made sure to provide one of the best portable AC with this product.

  • This product ranges a 10,000 BTU. This brings the portable AC in the range of medium appliances.
  • The thermostat can be manually adjusted in between 62.60-860 Although the BTU range may not seem much, yet its thermostat reading provide a better vision of the work this device is putting up.
  • This portable AC is convenient for a room of 300 square feet. The BTU range and the thermostat readings are the reason this portable AC can cool a room of this range.
  • This affordable portable AC R410A refrigerant installed in it that keeps this appliance in the environment-friendly region.
  • The DB level of this cheap portable AC is 55. This helps in creating low sounds in both indoor and outdoor places.
  • This affordable portable AC consumes electricity just under 1150 watts’, which makes this portable AC an electricity saving product.

The Cost way portable Ac are a unique and praise worthy products. This appliance provides some noteworthy features.

  • This affordable portable Ac has four modes for wind power, they include cooling, dehumidifier, fan and sleep modes. This is the only appliance in our list that provides this detailed version of modes.
  • The fan itself provides double power speed to quickly remove humidity and warmth from the room.
  • The control panel has a beautiful LED display that indicates water tank specifics and the thermostat readings.
  • They have included four wheels of alloy in the bottom that helps to transfer the AC in any place.
  • The fully operating remote control is added in the package.
  • The 24 hour on/off timer is operating in this portable AC.
  • This portable AC has a temperature sensor installed in it that shuts off immediately if the room has cooled down.
  • This beautiful device is available in white color on
This appliance offers a lot even though the name might not suggest a lot. This affordable portable is available on with a free delivery in a good price.
Pros Cons
  • The temperature sensor is an exception in our portable AC list.
  • The unit has no mention of a warranty card.
  • It provides a lot of qualities in one box.
  • The price is very affordable for any customer.

LG appliances and gadgets are world renown. The company started running its business from electronics and today has a long range of products under its banner. They provide complete setup for your kitchens, interior design, house hold solutions, smart phones, and all the house hold appliances that are available in the market.

LG LP1215GXR is one of those upper mentioned innovations. The design, creativity, level of performance and vitality has brought it to our number two, on the top ten list. This portable appliance is a stylist created a design that is built to adjust in any space of your house. You should stop worrying about the ways it would implement your interior designs.

It is noteworthy that LG appliances are famous for providing performance with their sleek designs.

The LG LP1215GXR is a carefully designed portable AC that keeps your rooms cooler even in hot humid summer days. The specifications of its performance are as follows.

  • This affordable portable AC has a BTU level of 12,000. The BTU level suggests that this appliance is built to cool larger rooms that our last portable AC.
  • The estimated area for cooling a room is 400 square feet, due to the high range of BTU installed in this version or LG portable AC.
  • The LG engineers have included a dehumidifier in this product, that removes 1.2 pints of humidity from the room in just an hour.
  • They have also included the (CFM) in this portable AC, that allows the room dry more quickly.
  • The DB level in this affordable device is 56 range. You can use this portable AC indoor and outdoor easily.
  • The appliance has an auto timer of 24 hours.
  • The thermostat works incredibly well for this device too.
  • As our other products this product, this product is also an Energy Saver, that uses just 115V electric outlet.

The compact design of LG provides lots of features to its users, and enables them to enjoy their summer days.

  • The wind power speed can be adjusted in between three different modes, yet you can switch on the energy saving mode and save yourselves from long electricity bills.
  • The control panel has been designed with a complete Digital display to match the aura of this beautiful yet affordable appliance.
  • The fully operational remote control is a plus point inside the package.
  • The package arrives with a window installation kit that makes it easier to use.
  • The air filters can be easily washed and cleaned to improve the cooling of this portable AC.
  • The control panel also displays the water tank full indicator to stop the water supply on time.
  • They have also added the four wheels in the bottom. You can easily move this cheap portable AC
  • This appliance is available in a beautiful dark grey color on our only
As known from the brand, LG LP1215GXR is placed in a high range of price. This portable AC is available with free shipping on It is for those people who have an expensive taste.
Pros Cons
  • The CFM is a new and unique feature in this affordable portable AC.
  • The price might be a little high for certain customers.
  • The window installation kit is a good edition in the package.
  • There is no mention of a warranty card.
  • As compared to others this device has a low weight.

Whynter is one of the trusted brands when it comes to the electronic appliances. This brand has been focusing on providing comfort rather than convenience. They have produced products that specify portability and utilization. Their engineers have been working on improving their products, they never stop on one thing but keep on moving forward. They have designed their products, in such a way that fulfills your needs quickly.

Whynter ARC-14SH is one of the innovative technology products, introduced by the upper mentioned brand. This affordable portable AC is a beautifully designed, built with great care and attention. This portable AC is designed to keep your warm rooms cool and provide you the best experience in the best way possible. They have successfully built this product, for its well-deserved customers.

This comfort provider provides quite a lot of features that we are looking forward to.

The Whynter corporations have never failed us when it comes to their products. Their ARC-14SH provides us with following specifications.

  • Our best portable AC has the range of 14,000 BTU power. This awesome range takes this portable AC in the large product, range. They have built this exclusively for providing the best quality to its customers.
  • This appliance also ensures to work as heater in the cold weather. This is a two-in-one product that deserves our salute.
  • The Whynter ARC-14SH is ranked Energy Efficient. They have introduced an Eco-friendly CFC in this model. This installation purifies the air evaporating the portable AC.
  • The Green R-4104 refrigerant is a part of this amazing portable AC.
  • They have also introduced the auto drain option to make it more portable than other appliances on the market.
  • This affordable device ranges to cool or heat the area up to 500 square feet.
  • All these specifics do not mean this device will consume much electricity than expected, it consumes just 1250 watts, and is portable to just 115 V of power supply.
  • The dehumidifier has the capability to reduce 101 pints of humidity in 24 hours.

The Whynter portable AC provides a complete set of features to its customers. These features are mentioned as follows.

  • This affordable portable AC has three modes for selecting fan speed. These modes include dehumidifier, cooling, and fan.
  • They have also added carbon filters to enhance the working of this portable appliance plus this appliance also have a set of washable filters installed in it.
  • It has a digital LED control panel that adds to its looks.
  • This affordable product has a dual-hose to evacuate warmer air from the machine. These hoses can be easily installed, removed and replaced by the window installation kit available in the package.
  • This appliance also features an anti-leakage system. The system not only detects leakage but also removes it from the portable AC.
  • It has an auto-restart function that shuts down the AC when the room is cool, yet the fan keeps on working to maintain the temperature in the room.
  • Whynter ARC-14SH has a beautiful design and it comes in the beautiful black-silver color.
This product, provides all the details a good portable AC provides. Thus, it has a high price. The brand name is also vital in this reference. This appliance is available on is an expensive product.
Pros Cons
  • One of the best portable AC on our list, it can be your AC in summers and heater in the winters.
  • Other than the price everything works perfectly in this appliance.
  • The CFC is a great addition in this product.
  • The price is a little high for certain customers.
  • It has an auto-restart function.
  • It has both carbon and washable filters in this portable AC.

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