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The autumn air has started blowing and with it the indications that winter is near. Winter is all about holidays, vacations, gifts, and mostly it is about Christmas. So, what is your Christmas about? do you prefer to rest at home, visit you elders or do you love to organize parties? Whichever you are, decorating your home is the most important task at hand. In order to have a fab holiday season, we need a proper gadget to ease ourselves out of the hectic decor parade. What would be better than a holiday light projector that is easy to install, reliable and handy? and what better than me giving a quick review of LED projection lights?

Holiday light projectors have currently become one of the widely used gadgets. These cool gadgets are available in so many options that choosing the best naturally becomes difficult. This difficult task can be avoided if you go through this complete guide of outdoor Christmas light projectors.

Whether it is a Christmas party, wedding, a festival or holiday season we people love to use lights for decor. It is the best way to create a beautiful environment. On the other hand, installing these lights is a huge task at hand. I myself prefer holiday light projectors because installing this projector is easier than expected. For those of my loyal readers who are interested in buying this holiday projector certain beforehand, information is essential.

Using LED lights is easier than it looks. A projector asks for a moment of your time and a proper place to install and its done. But still, we need guidelines right so here are some basic points to be read before installing one.

  • A holiday light projector can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Setting up the product is easy because it has a user manual guide inside the box. Just go through the manual to be on the safe side.
  • You can connect the power cable to the projector before switching it on. The power cord is available in the box.
  • The holiday projector has a remote control for operating it. This remote control is easy to use.
  • You can switch on/off, change slides, change lights, change colors, set the timer with the help of the remote control.
  • The projectors are sunlight, snow and water resistant. You can use them in any circumstances that suit you the best.
  • LED projection lights give crystal clear image formation.

A right forward answer would be its trendy, handy, reliable, safety proof and most important thing its cheap. You can buy any holiday light projector and forget to worry about outdoor decor. These lights conveniently work indoors, you can just install a base to the projector and place it anywhere. The projector easily connects with the power supply and BAAM! you are good to go. The next important thing is the weather resistant, led wires look very classy but most of them are not water resistant. So, no need to worry about fixing wires, climbing ladders just one click to the button solves everything.

The most important part of this guide is to choose the right product. A product that is not only a best seller but best for you guys. If we check the available amount of projectors online you will be

amazed, but that part is sorted out. One of the best holiday light projectors we found for you is Kmashi-outdoor Christmas light projector.

Outdoor decor needs to be perfect you can't just go for an average pick; this projector is one of the best of its kind. You can use it without any restrictions and problems. Find the perfect spot and it will optimize the best crystal clear results in seconds. This light projector made to the market shelves recently and it is basically designed for the upcoming holiday season. You can buy the gadget know and save your extra dollars. The product is on sale at Amazon that might end just before the holiday season, so avail your opportunity now.


The Kmashi-outdoor Christmas light projector has a convenient and reasonable price. This does not mean it has lesser features than the other projector.

  • This projector has 16 different slides that can be changed according to the holiday season. These slides have different images like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, jingle bells, Christmas gifts, Merry Christmas etc.
  • The new version light projector has better LED and crystal clear image projection that provides the best display even in daytime.
  • The projector can rotate 180*. You can easily adjust the angel and view by rotating the projector.
  • The projector has an RF wireless remote control that helps in operating the device smoothly. You can operate even staying at 30 feet of distance.
  • The remote can set up a timer for 1-6 hours. After using the gadget for complete 6 hours the device automatically shuts off for 18 hours.
  • You can even adjust the static and flash modes for your own likings.

Every product has some tiny details that make it what it is. No product can survive without certain specifications; this is different that helps in a product's success or failure.

  • This holiday projector is designed with the best quality of ABS plastic, that makes the gadget overheating and damage proof.
  • It is CE, ROHS and FCC certified. This makes sure that the gadget is overheating and fireproof.
  • You can easily use the gadget in severe weather conditions like sunlight, rain, and snow. The gadget has been tested free of these issues.
  • The gadget is ranked IP44 water resistant. You can even use the gadget near swimming areas and while rainy seasons.
  • This holiday projector is shorter than its other competitors, it is 100mm tall.
  • The UL adapter consumes just 6W of electricity, that ensures it as an energy-efficient gadget.
  • The power cord is available in the package that is 5m long. You can install it in any corner and use it accordingly.
  • The input voltage is just under 110-240v.
Pros Cons
  • A wide range of slides to choose between. You can switch to any slide and create the perfect environment.
  • This holiday light projector switches off after 6 hours of use, which seems a little longer than expected.
  • The 180* of rotation is a unique feature.
  • The product provides many features still it is available at an economical price.

Sellers piece of advice is to keep the projector 16.4-32 feet away from the wall to provide the best crystal clear experience and to insert the power cord according to the manual.

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